A downloadable game for Windows


Block Wars is an arcade style platform shooter. It uses simple shapes and movements to create a fun and endless game. The main objective is to gain complete territory of the map by spawning invaders you gradually unlock as you increase your XP. There are 2 main modes: campaign and survival. Campaign encompasses 30 levels of pre-determined enemies whereas survival is increasing difficulty. As you win levels, you will earn money to upgrade your invaders health, attack and speed to eventually conquer the game.

- 30 challenging campaign levels!
- An endless survival mode.
- Unlimited upgrades and levelling up system.
- A captivating platform experience with quirky graphics.
- Simple and easy to play with guide.
- To spawn an invader simply press the corresponding number or letter.
- The key 's' can be used to speed up the count down.
- Press 'A' to move the landscape left and press 'B' to move the landscape right.

- There are a range of resolutions in the settings tab of the game to adjust the window width and height.

Install instructions

Once the packages for the game have downloaded all files must remain in the same location within the folder. For convenience you may wish to create a desktop shortcut. To open BlockWars.exe you must first extract all the files.


BlockWars-v011.zip 46 MB